Bears Hate Selfies

Overly happy Brett

This week I stopped by 207 to review the latest what’s trending on the web. A saved dog on a plane, a sleepy bear, The Goats of Bangladesh, and a cat on a motorcycles. What more could you ask for? I like to call the above image “overly happy Brett.” Check out the video below. 


Want more? Here’s what we talked about, plus a little extra at the bottom!

Facebook sort of announced a “dislike” button, but you say there’s a lot more to it than that?

There is. For years, Facebook users have felt awkward to click “like” when a friend shares something sad, like a death in the family. So they’ve asked for more options than just “like.” Facebook says they’re looking for options to give users to “express empathy”. Mark Zuckerberg says he doesn’t want to see Facebook to devolve into a place where people can use a dislike button negatively. So he hesitates to call it that. What he did say was that it’s very complicated to create the kind of options to express other things beyond just “like” but that they are testing ideas and look to roll out some options soon.

The Goats of Bangladesh?

Yes, on the heels of the very popular Humans of New York, a recent discovery called Goats of Bangladesh has been growing in popularity. The BBC highlighted the group about a month ago, but for some reason this week the page is surging in popularity. The creator follows the same idea as the Humans of New York pages, but instead every story is about a different goat. The creators use the posts to express sometimes deep or profound ideas, sometimes poetry, and even humor. They’ve doubled their likes in the last few weeks and seem to be getting more popular:

The Food Coma Bear 

Out in Colorado Springs, a bear cub got into Louie’s Pizza Monday afternoon and stayed in their store room where she started to eat whatever was available and soon took a big nap. Officials tranquilized her to be safe and carried her away. They soon found she had an injured foot they think from getting hit by a car. Regardless, she’s doing fine now in a rehab facility.

Bears Hate Selfies

Yes, and it’s strange we have to keep telling people that. Officials at the US Forest Service are asking tourists to stop with the bear selfies already. It’s so bad some areas of Lake Taho are being considered to close down for a while. Officials do report fatalities after some bear selfies. Officials in Canada also say it’s a growing issue.

Canadian pilot diverts an international flight to save a dog’s life!

Yes, a pilot is winning over dog lovers across the world this week after a heating system malfunctioned in his Air Canada plane. As the plane was about to cross the Atlantic, where the pilot mentions the temperatures drops to well below freezing, he was concerned the dog wouldn’t survive her first flight. So he diverted to Germanywhere the dog was moved to another flight. Air Canada credited the pilot saying he is responsible for all life on board the flight.

Biker Documents ride with Cat

The Daily Dot reports that New Jersey’s biker Pat Doody was leaving Nevada when he stopped at a rest area and discover a kitten with burn marks all over it’s body. Doody has nicknamed the cat “Partycat” and decided to document their trip back to New Jersey through Instagram and Tumblr. He said the little guy just needed help, and he couldn’t just leave him. The new BFF’s have been enjoying their time together.


Beautiful drone video of Portland Headlight from our friends at Red Stallion Media

Google Glass making a comeback?

The new Apple’s iOS9 came out this week.  List of tips and tricks.