My Trendy View – May 31, 2015

Brett and CaryCary Grant was always fond of the phrase “good stuff” and this week on the Internet our cup runneth over with “good stuff” so let’s get to it:

1. A Smile Like No Other:
Anytime Dick Van Dyke smiles at you, you can’t help but smile back. The man is silly happy and generous in sharing his joy with the world. At 89-years-old, he’s still got it dancing his way into our hearts. This week he and his wife “guest star” on the viral music video from the band Dust Bowl Revival.


According to the band’s YouTube channel, Dick and his lovely wife said “come on over let’s do a video.” The song is “Never Had to Go” and is delightful as its stars. On Facebook the video has cleared over a million views.


2. “Riker”
Next up is a fun spoof from Star Trek The Next Generation. I actually saw this one a week or two back and shared with my TNG friends not thinking much of it other than it being absolutely hilarious. Today, I saw the team over at The Nerdist pick it up and now it’s really shot to fame.

There’s not much I can say about it other I love the weird out of it. It’s funny and continues to feed the Internet’s need to poke fun at Commander Riker (just like this one). Jonathan Frakes (who is a very funny and kind man) does enjoy the gags though.


3. Comedy is Just Math:
Speaking of comedy, Jerry Seinfeld is back with his very popular Internet show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” The show is very well done and has seen millions of views online. He told CBS Sunday Morning the online show was his wife’s idea inspired by the BBC’s Top Gear. The 6th season debuts later this week, but in the meantime checkout his interview with Anthony Mason from CBS (if the embed is not working below click the story link here :



And now for something more helpful…


4. Go Away Now, No Really:
 Whether you’re looking to free up space on your computer or just really need to destroy a very important file — it can be hard to completely delete something from your computer. has a a great list of ways to help you do just that! Check it out here:


 5. A More Useful Facebook:
 Adding to the helpful nature… Facebook recently told users, if you want your Facebook experience to be better — then use it better . On Friday edition of The Mike O’Meara Show Podcast, Co-host Robb Spewak presented a list he found on how to use Facebook more effectively. Usually lists like these are a dime a dozen and often are written for people in social media marketing — not this one! This list is for the average everyday causal user of Facebook, and it’s very good! The list comes from Robert Scoble and can be found here:

Facebook tips. 1. SHARE three posts from someone else about stuff you are interested in. If it’s your friend’s kids,…

Posted by Robert Scoble on Monday, May 25, 2015

Want more? Here is my honorable mention list for the week:
And Beyonce dancing to Duck Tales:

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