The Traveling Show

Doctor Who Series 9My viewing of tonight’s Doctor Who involved an NFL player, the Marines and a “famous” author (who I didn’t know). There were so many comedic road blocks for me to see this episode; my evening should have been title: “Mr. Bean Watches Doctor Who.”

When I say I’m a passionate Doctor Who fan, I mean it. People underestimate me when I say this like I’m sarcastic; I’m not.

I had an important work event tonight away from home. With the time difference, I knew I had to leave by 7:30 pm to make it back to my hotel to watch the episode. This installment carried a higher priority than usual. A main character was rumored to be leaving the show tonight, but this isn’t about that (no spoilers). For me, Doctor Who is what any sports game is to the obsessed sports fan.

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