Sulia: the subject based social network

Occasionally, I will hide people who post on Facebook stuff I’m just not interested in. And on Twitter, I look for people who have common interests to me, same thing with Pinterest. In some ways Sulia is like Pinterest. There we “pin” items about topics that we’re interested in, we basically make our own interests lists. Sulia, builds the interests lists for us.

It sorts through all the stuff on the Internet, including Facebook and Twitter, then narrows down all that stuff and builds a channel of information based on that whatever topic you’re interested in. This is why they call it “subject based social media.” These channels are based on topics, like news, sports, entertainment, technology — there’s a channel for pretty much any interest. Then if you have something you want others to see about any of these topics, you would then post your content to those channels.

Because Sulia is constantly combing the Internet for any topic, they are looking at public information — that includes Facebook and Twitter. They then look at all that stuff and based on the social activity of it they decide who the experts are and from that they feed the interest channels.

So if I tweet a lot of articles about Maine as, as our station does, then I’m probably feeding Sulia already. And sure enough when I first logged in I saw that NEWS CENTER had some of the top topics in the “Maine” channel.

Want to know if you’re an expert? Find a channel, or interest, then look at what is called the “leaderboard” and it shows a ranking of social accounts from the last seven days. There is also a global score that ties into the ranking. It’s this list where I saw a lot of my friends who didn’t even know they were on Sulia. They were ranked based on the content they were tweeting about, which was pretty good for some of them.

To use Sulia, you have to log in with either a Facebook or Twitter account. Sulia will then look through your social activity and make suggestions which you can choose to ignore or use. The other thing it constantly wants to do is post on your behalf anytime you make an action. So if you like, share, or comment on something it always asks if you want to post that to either Facebook or Twitter (depending on what you logged in with). You can always choose to cancel that, but I have not found an option to turn that request off.

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