How to turn off Facebook app sounds

Facebook iPhone app: Most Recent can be found under "more"

If, like me, you are annoyed by the sound effects from the Facebook app, then you’ll no doubt want to turn them off.

It is easy, but it takes a couple of steps. I’ve found that even when I turn them off, they do tend to come back on sometimes. I’ve notice it’s after I do an update.

Tap more, then settings
Tap more, then settings

First, tap on the “more” section of the app. You’ll want to scroll down for “settings.”

IMG_0259Tap on settings and look for “sounds.”

IMG_0260 IMG_0261

Under sounds there should be a spot that says “In-App Sound” and all you need to do is turn it off. On an Apple device slide it from green to white.

That’s it!